Thursday, May 30, 2024

Manufacturing conference returns to Dalby

Opportunities and prospects facing the Western Downs manufacturing sector will be the subject of the Accelerate Manufacturing: Western Downs Manufacturing Conference, which will return to Dalby next month.

Western Downs Regional Council will deliver the free conference, with presentations from industry experts offering their insight into emerging industry trends and opportunities for the manufacturing sector on 17 May at the Dalby Events Centre.

Mayor, Paul McVeigh said this year’s conference would offer the region’s manufacturing sector the opportunity to hear from industry leaders about the industry’s future direction and opportunities for growth.

“Manufacturing is one of our strong economy’s four major pillars, with 123 local manufacturing businesses employing more than 1,600 people and generating almost $700 million in sales annually. Investing in this key industry with this conference will support innovation and result in continued productivity and growth of the region’s economy,” Mayor McVeigh said.

“This year we have invited nine experts from across the industry to share their insight into opportunities on the horizon including productivity and innovation, advanced manufacturing and robotics, carbon and sustainability, the future workforce, building efficiencies with lean manufacturing and more.”

In addition to equipping local manufacturers with insight into current and future trends, this event will also offer a valuable opportunity for networking and collaboration which can yield further growth in the manufacturing sector.

The $6.57 billion in project developments in the pipeline for the region paints a clear picture that the Western Downs is a prime location for establishing manufacturing businesses locally.

Mayor McVeigh said it was Council’s hope that the conference would be attended not only by those who operate local manufacturing businesses, but also those who may be interested in expanding into the region.

“To our local manufacturers and related businesses, I say, if there is one event you attend this year, make it the Accelerate Manufacturing Conference, there is no better local opportunity to innovate and collaborate,” he said.

Conference Keynote presenter, Michael Sharpe said manufacturing was a significant part of the Australian and Western Downs’ economies and the outlook was extremely positive with new technologies, emerging sectors, and huge potential for partnerships.

“The future of manufacturing is set to involve robotics and automation, advanced manufacturing tools which represent great opportunities for innovation and improved quality and efficiency, as well as being career creators within the region,” Mr Sharpe said.

“Growing sectors like Ag Tech, heavy engineering, mining and energy resources, and defence are tremendous prospects for the manufacturing sector, and the opportunity for cross-sector collaboration and research partnerships to leverage future tech like artificial intelligence are really promising.

“I get really excited about these types of events. It shows there’s a vibrant manufacturing community with a desire to come together, develop world class products locally and grow the region’s economy, while accelerating the local manufacturing sector to become global players.

“In my experience the businesses which invest in new technologies and collaborates with adjacent industries are the ones which are growing and making more jobs. I’d say businesses in the sector should come along and get together with other likeminded businesses who are trying to boost and demonstrate local industry and show what good looks like.”

Businesses who provide products or services to the local manufacturing sector are also invited to apply to be a stallholder at the event to showcase their offerings and expand business opportunities with local businesses.

To find out more about the Accelerate Manufacturing: Western Downs Manufacturing Conference 2023 program, or to register your business, visit the conference website or call Western Downs Regional Council on 1300 268 624 (COUNCIL).

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