Friday, July 19, 2024

Local leaders call to shut down Bingo landfill at Eastern Creek

Representatives from all three levels of Government have joined local residents in calling for the EPA to shut down the Bingo Industries Landfill at Eastern Creek in Western Sydney.

Residents in neighbouring suburbs say the plant is continuing to emit foul, choking odours despite the EPA issuing clean-up orders to Bingo Industries.

Talkback radio was flooded with calls this morning from angry residents claiming the noxious smells have continued to disrupt their lives despite claims from the company that it was doing all it could to fix the problem.

Blacktown City Mayor, Tony Bleasdale, with NSW Member for Mount Druitt, Edmond Atalla, and Federal Member for McMahon, Chris Bowen have issued a joint statement demanding that the facility is closed while the odours remain.

“We call on the NSW EPA to close down the Bingo Industries landfill site until the odour problem is fixed permanently.”

“It seems this is the only way the company will understand that it needs to act.

“Residents complaints could not be clearer. The smell has been insufferable since March and the measures taken so far by Bingo Industries have had little or no effect,” the statement said.

Mayor Bleasdale said “The EPA issued the clean-up orders 6 weeks ago after residents complained of the situation on 29 March 2021.

“The clean-up orders after Council officers joined an EPA team in carrying out a joint odour survey of the EPA licensed Bingo landfill at Eastern Creek.

Mr Atalla said “Bingo Industries have had 2 months to fix the problem but the obnoxious smells remain. More can and must be done.”

“Shut down the site now. Local residents have had enough”, said Mr Bowen.

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