Friday, June 21, 2024

LGNSW says urgent talks needed on housing density push

Local Government NSW (LGNSW) says it is seeking urgent talks with the NSW Goverment following reports that seven zones in the Sydney metropolitan area have been earmarked for a “massive” increase in housing density.

LGNSW President, Darriea Turley AM said that for the Government’s housing plan to succeed, councils needed to be part of the solution – not be sidelined.

“I urge the Government to cooperate and include local councils and their communities in any future planning decisions for these sites,” President Turley said.

“Without community buy-in these plans will be very difficult to accomplish.

“Councils are the closest level of government to the community, and need to be a key voice in the process. We all want liveable communities with high quality housing.”

She said home buyers investing in higher density developments had a right to know the homes they buy are long-lasting quality builds.

”We need to ensure all these conditions are met to give communities fresh confidence in higher density housing.”

President Turley said a key requirement to get communities on board was a clear commitment by the Government to provide critical local infrastructure, including roads, public transport, parks, public schools and hospitals before any housing is approved.

“It’s not acceptable to drastically increase housing supply and suburban populations without the infrastructure to support them,” she said.

She noted that the Government had offered the Opposition a full briefing on the proposal in a bid to secure bipartisan support.

“I’m calling on the Premier to give councils the same briefing,” she said.

“We have consistently sought to take a collaborative and positive approach to working with the Government to help ease the housing crisis.”

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