Saturday, May 25, 2024

LGAQ: Housing crisis roundtable ‘a good start’ 

Queensland councils have submitted a series of immediate measures aimed at solving the state’s housing crisis to an emergency housing round table convened today by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Local Government Association chief executive officer, Alison Smith said the measures included short term repurposing or retrofitting of existing State Government-owned vacant buildings for crisis and temporary accommodation; incentives for short-term holiday accommodation owners to switch to the private rental market; prioritisation of social housing construction in Queensland’s 17 remote and discrete First Nations communities; and activation of industry-backed incentives to reduce land banking and increase the completion rate of lots already approved by councils.

“As we all know, the housing crisis has reached a critical level across the state,” Ms Smith said.

“Today’s focus on housing follows a sustained campaign by the LGAQ on behalf of councils calling for coordinated action by all levels of government to begin to conquer the crisis. 

“Our members were among the first to raise the alarm, with motions at our Annual Conference last year that led to our six-point housing action plan, which we launched in February.”

She said the Premier’s round table was a great opportunity to work constructively with the Premier, her ministers, industry and housing groups to discuss the current housing crisis.

“We also know that it is only with the deep involvement of councils – and proper funding – that we can conquer the housing crisis and provide available, secure and affordable homes that the community will accept.”

“Importantly, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the housing crisis. The autonomy of local government to make decisions – in consultation with their local communities, including our discrete First Nations communities, and supported by national and statewide coordinated and strategic frameworks – is paramount.”

Ms Smith said the LGAQ would prepare a detailed submission for the housing summit set to be held in Brisbane on 20 October.

“The round table was a good start, getting stakeholders together at a state level, and we will also continue to push for a national summit,” she said.

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