Thursday, April 25, 2024

LGAQ calls on CCC Chair to stand down

Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) Chair Alan MacSporran.

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) CEO, Alison Smith, has called on Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) Chair Alan MacSporran to “do the right thing” and stand down from his role after yet another case was thrown out of court today.
Ms Smith said the withdrawal of charges laid by the CCC against long-serving former Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor, Allan Sutherland in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today was the final straw.
“Yet again we have seen a former elected member’s career ended and life ruined after being charged by the CCC, only to have their case again fail. How many more cases launched by the CCC need to fail and how many more lives need to be ruined before something is done?” Ms Smith said.
“CCC Chair Alan MacSporran should have resigned in December last year after the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee found he seriously failed in his duty to ensure the CCC acted at all times independently and impartially in relation to its wrongful pursuit of a group of former Logan councillors.
“If he has any respect for the institution he represents, he should do the right thing. If he won’t then the State Government and the Parliament must act.
“In the last financial year, 15 of the 25 cases launched by the CCC were thrown out, with the bulk of those cases involving wrongfully charged local government representatives. We’re not even through January and now we have another case thrown out
“This must be the final straw.”
Ms Smith said following the events in court this morning, the LGAQ has written to the Premier asking that Mr MacSporran be removed. 
“If he will not go then the State Government and the Parliament must act to remove him,” Ms Smith said.
“The CCC’s role is too important. The reputation of local government has been tarnished – over and over. Queenslanders need to have confidence in the watchdog and that confidence cannot be restored until the Chair either stands down or is replaced.”

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