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LGA SA seeks members for behavioural standards panel

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) is seeking applicants interested in a role on the Local Government Behavioural Standards Panel, to be established as part of the implementation of local government reforms. 

LGA says the Behavioural Standards Panel will meet as required to assess and hear complaints relating to council member misbehaviours.  

It will consist of a Presiding Member (jointly nominated by the Minister and LGA) and two ordinary members (one nominated by the Minister and one by the LGA). 

The LGA nominees will understand the local government sector, but cannot be a current employee or elected member of a council. 

The Governor will appoint a Presiding Member and two ordinary members to the Panel. The Presiding Member of the Panel is a joint nomination of the Minister and the LGA. The two ordinary members will be appointed on separate nomination of the LGA and Minister.

Members of the Panel must not be a current employee or elected member of a council.

Panel members do not need to be lawyers. The legislation requires that the three members of the Panel, collectively, have “qualifications, knowledge, expertise and experience” in the following areas:

  • local government or public administration;
  • law;
  • administrative or disciplinary investigation;
  • industrial relations; and
  • dispute resolution, conflict management, human resource management or organisational psychology.

The LGA Board has resolved that the LGA’s nominees to the Panel should have additional desirable attributes, including:

  • Experience in and an understanding of the local government sector
  • An understanding of quasi-judicial bodies.
  • Experience in managing conflict between a group of elected persons in a decision-making environment
  • Experience or qualifications as a mediator, arbitrator or conciliator.
  • Good communication and conflict resolution skills

This is not a full-time position. Terms of appointment are determined by the Minister and likely to be for a three-year period.

A copy of the role description can be downloaded here.

Telephone enquiries may be directed to Andrew Lamb, Local Government Reform Partner on 08 8224 2081.

To apply please complete the form below, submitting a CV and covering letter (maximum two pages) by 10 September 2021.

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