Saturday, May 25, 2024

Latrobe City braced for timber industry support

Victoria’s Latrobe City Council has welcomed the release of the Code of Practice for Timber Production Report by the State Government.

At its June meeting, Council voted to write to the Minister for Environment, Lily D’Ambrosio, requesting an update on when the review will be made public.

Councillor Dale Harriman moved a Notice of Motion calling for Council to take the action, noting the significant delay by the State Government in releasing the review.

He said the delay had impacted timber industry workers in Latrobe City and Victoria given it was affecting the supply of timber to local mills. His motion was carried unanimously by Council.

“The timber industry plays a huge part in the local jobs environment. There are thousands of jobs tied up within the industry in Latrobe City, as well as all of Gippsland,” Cr Harriman said.

“This is a vital industry for the area and it’s a sustainable industry. There is a timber shortage at the moment and we hope this code will go a long way to helping to ease that shortage.”

Council will now review the Code of Practice for Timber Production Report and consider its implications for the timber industry in Latrobe City and broader Gippsland, such as any guidelines for where timber could be harvested and the practices the industry needed to follow.

Latrobe City Council Mayor, Sharon Gibson said supporting the timber industry would assist in the City’s transition away from being reliant on coal-powered electricity production.

“Timber harvesting is a sustainable industry when managed well and our experienced timber leaders in Latrobe City and surrounds are well equipped to help manage our timber supply going forward,” she said.

“We are hoping this code will help our community to plan for the future.”

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