Friday, July 26, 2024

Kingston seawall project builds

Kingston District Council, in partnership with Teagle Excavations, is continuing to progress stage two works on the construction of a new 345 metre rock Seawall at Wyomi Beach.

On-site works will see the laying of specified Geotextile material which provides a continuous layer to prevent loss of existing material. The geotextile is then covered with two layers of filter rock followed by two layers of larger rock armour.

The work will continue to progress until weather dictates a shutdown of the project at which time sand replenishment works will be undertaken to provide protection during winter, Council said in a stagement.

“Teagle will then leave the construction site before returning later in 2024 to resume on-site works. Following sand replenishment Teagle will continue to source and stockpile rock for the remaining works,” it said.

“Works were expected to be completed by 30th April, but this date could not be met by the contractor.”

Council has agreed to a new completion date of 30th April 2025, but says it remains hopeful that the project can be completed earlier.

In 2017, Council constructed Stage 1 of the Wyomi Beach Roack Seawall after the existing coast at Wyomi Beach, between Golf Links Road & Robert Avenue, suffered extensive coastal erosion.

Stage 2 works include 170m rock seawall to the north of existing Stage 1 seawall and 175m rock seawall to the south of existing Stage 1 seawall.

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