Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Inquiry into transport program development

A parliamentary inquiry has been initiated to review the Development of the Transport Oriented Development Program.

The Terms of Reference will involve inquiry into the development of the Transport Oriented Development Program (TOD), with particular focus on the analysis and identification of TOD precincts by the government and relevant state agencies, along with consultations undertaken with councils, joint organisations (JOs) and communities during preparation of the TOD Program.

The closing date for submissions is 28 March 2024. The committee will report by 27 September 2024.

Also listed among the 18 Terms of Reference to inquire into and report on are:

  • consultations undertaken with councils, JOs and communities during the preparation of the TOD Program;
  • ongoing opportunities for review and input by councils, JOs and communities, including consultations with renters, key workers and young people needing affordable housing in relation to the TOD Program;
  • the heritage concerns with the TOD Program including, but not limited to, the concerns of the Heritage Council;
  • the enabling infrastructure capacity for every station selected or considered as part of the TOD Program;
  • the impact on localised environment and amenity values caused by the TOD Program;
  • the existing or potential measures and programs analysed, considered or implemented by all NSW Government agencies to support additional housing density;
  • the impacts of the proposed Diverse and Well-Located Homes process and program;
  • the capability of Greater Sydney to provide for increased residential dwelling where the existing capacity has been diminished due to the effects of climate change.


Local Government NSW says its submission to this Inquiry will be based on its recent submissions to the Department of Planning Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) on these reforms and extensive feedback from councils.

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