Thursday, July 25, 2024

Hume calls out rubbish behaviour

Hume City Council is taking action on dumped waste filling streets and vacant land in a major effort to clean up the Victorian city. 

Mayor Joseph Haweil said Council had removed 40 cubic metres of unsightly illegally dumped waste on the corner of Delaware and Highlander Drive in Craigieburn in one day last week. 

“We know our community is fed up with this rubbish, and so are we. It costs rate payers $2.8 million each year, damages our environment, frustrates our residents and undermines our property values,” Cr Haweil said. 

“We received six reports from the community about the issue and have enough information to carry out investigations and issue fines to up to 17 people who have contributed to this pile of waste.”

Council will be installing surveillance at this location, and at other various hot spots in Hume to help stamp out the behaviour. 

Council continues to encourage the community to report any sightings of illegally dumped waste online.

“If you witness any dumped waste, please report it straight away. Photos, vehicle details, item descriptions, and time and place go a long way in helping Council put an end to this behaviour, and to prosecute offenders. 

“Our message is clear – our streets are not your tip.” 

Council is launching a pilot campaign in Craigieburn in the coming weeks to help educate residents about their free waste removal options, which include up to two hard waste collections and two tip passes each year.

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