Sunday, July 21, 2024

Hornsby to exhibit development control plan changes for EV future

Hornsby Shire Council last night resolved to exhibit proposed amendments to its Development Control Plan that would ensure electric vehicle readiness in new developments.

The proposal seeks to provide practical solutions for residents of Hornsby Shire in line with predictions by the NSW Government that electric vehicle sales are expected to increase to 52% by 2030/31, drastically increasing the need for access to electric vehicle charging units.

Embracing the transition to electric vehicles also falls in line with a suite of Council’s strategies and plans including its 2050 Net Zero target and Sustainable Hornsby 2040 Strategy which seek to bolster sustainability outcomes and increase ecological, economic and social resilience within the Shire.

Controls within the proposed amendments would include a mandated minimum of one EV-ready connection for each dwelling-allocated car space to ensure practical, safe and compliant access to charging infrastructure across low, medium and high-density residential and commercial developments.

Hornsby Shire Mayor, Philip Ruddock AO says the specifics of the proposed amendments are proactive in their intent to not only support the uptake of electric vehicles but also encourage it among residents of all types of dwellings.

“We’ve seen evidence across Sydney already that the ballooning demand for electric vehicles in this city is outpacing the infrastructure to support it,” said Mayor Ruddock.

“We also know that transport is currently the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Hornsby Shire. These proposed controls will allow Hornsby Shire to get on the front foot with anticipating further uptake of this technology and support our residents with the facilities they need for a practical approach to the future of transport.”

Following the 28-day exhibition period, a report on submissions will be presented to Council for consideration. Residents will be able to have their say on the proposal at

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