Tuesday, April 23, 2024

History woven into Iron Cove signage

New signage has recently been installed along the Bay Run, a popular 7km walking track around Iron Cove, recognising the area’s history.

The signs, beginning under the Iron Cove Bridge and ending near Iron Cove Creek, provide insight into the local indigenous culture, history and ecology of the area.

“The Bay Run is a much-loved community asset that attracts thousands of visitors every year,” City of Canada Bay Mayor, Angelo Tsirekas said.

“The picturesque walking track has a rich history which is now captured and explained alongside beautiful artwork, I thank Councilor Ramondino for her advocacy for this new signage.”

The City of Canada Bay worked with indigenous artist David Cragg to bring the signs to life.

Drawing upon the natural environment, David’s artworks incorporate local flora and fauna including the Bar-tailed Godwit, Crimson Rosella, Grey Mangrove and Blue Swimmer Crab.

As passers-by stop at each sign they can marvel at the artworks and historical photos. They can learn about the history of local sites including Iron Cove Bridge, Birkenhead Point, and Rodd Island and read about what life was like for the indigenous Wangal Clan who lived along the Parramatta River.

“I hope residents and visitors enjoy walking along the Bay Run and learning about our area’s history,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

Click here to learn more about the history of the Bay Run.

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