Friday, June 21, 2024

Hills Shire road reopens after flood repairs


The Hills Shire Council has announced the reopening of Pages Wharf Road, in Sackville North, after a section of the roadway was washed away during the July flood.

Extensive work was carried out to repair the rural road, which adjoins the Hawkesbury River, including construction of a rock retaining wall, riverbank stabilisation works and reconstruction of the road. 

Mayor, Peter Gangemi said he was delighted to see Pages Wharf Road restored to working order. 

“A key objective of Council is to renew and maintain roads across our Shire,” he said.

“The works at Pages Wharf Road shows our commitment to rebuilding our roads across our community.

“The July 2022 flood brought the highest water levels on the Hawkesbury River that I have seen in my lifetime. This resulted in a section of road collapsing as the water receded back into the river.

“Our road crews and contractors have worked tirelessly to restore full access to Pages Wharf Road as soon as possible – and now we can focus our attention to carrying out more permanent repairs to other parts of the Shire impacted by floods and heavy rain.”

Pages Wharf Road is one of a number of roads across The Hills that was damaged by flood waters.

Mayor Gangemi said the reconstruction of Pages Wharf Road marked the start of many more road repairs across The Hills Shire.

“Our road network along the Hawkesbury riverfront and in other areas has suffered significant damage after four floods in the spate of 16 months,” he said.

“I am grateful for the support of the NSW Government as they are providing grant funding to help rebuild these damaged roads.

“I am also asking the NSW and Federal Governments to provide even greater support to local councils to help them rebuild their road network in light of the prolonged wet weather,” the Mayor said.

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