Monday, April 22, 2024

Hills Shire launches digital business program


The Hills Shire Council will this month launch a new initiative to provide small businesses with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to succeed in the digital world.

The Council has partnered with Realise Business to provide the Digital Solutions Program, which offers small businesses expert guidance on digital marketing strategies, online security risk management, website creation, online selling software tools and much more.

Mayor, Peter Gangemi said it was essential for businesses to embrace online operations in today’s evolving digital landscape.

“Customers who once frequented physical premises are now embracing online services from the convenience of their homes, using smartphones, tablets, and computers. Depending solely on foot traffic is no longer sufficient,” Mayor Gangemi said.

“This new program will help businesses expand their customer base, maintain connections with their clients, and enhance their resilience in a digital world.

“I am very proud of this initiative and encourage businesses to sign up today.”

The Digital Solutions Program is supported by the Australian Government and is available to businesses with less than 20 full-time employees.

The program costs $45 (plus GST), and businesses can gain full access to an advisor who can help them create a personalised digital action plan. They can also benefit from up to four hours of expert guidance, and attend special events, seminars, and presentations.

The program also offers more than 200 live webinars annually, a rich digital content library that includes educational videos, podcasts, reading materials, and various images to help businesses in their digital journey. Additionally, they can participate in workshops that offer valuable networking opportunities and enhance their digital knowledge.

The Digital Solutions Program will kick off with an in-person AI Tools for Small Business Marketing workshop on Tuesday 14 November, at Council’s Administration Building in Norwest at 2pm. 

During the workshop, attendees will be introduced to cutting-edge AI-powered tools, including photo editing, video creation, copywriting, and presentation software, and will also learn how to craft compelling email subject lines. 

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