Friday, April 26, 2024

Height restrictions measure up for South West Rocks

Kempsey Shire Council says the foundations have been laid for sustainable development in South West Rocks with height restrictions requested for future building development. 

At its March Ordinary meeting, the Council unanimously moved to introduce a building height restriction for new developments in the coastal town. This will be achieved by asking the Minister to amend the Kempsey Local Environment Plan (KLEP), which is the state legislation governing development in our shire, Council said in a statement.

The change entails imposing an 8.5 metre building height restriction in most locations within South West Rocks. The current KLEP does not include a height restriction.

“Council took this step with an aim to address concerns and foster sustainable growth and consultation with the community played a crucial role in shaping this decision. Community feedback highlighted a desire to steer clear of high-rise development in South West Rocks.”

Discussion between Councillors highlighted that the building height restriction does not hinder development but rather promotes livable and sustainable growth in South West Rocks. While this restriction will impose limitations, developers can still submit applications for planning variations to build taller buildings, however these will be subject to Council approval.

The amendment will also help developers by providing a clear view of what they can do at South West Rocks, Council said.

“Moving forward, Council will submit the proposed building height restrictions to the Minister for adoption. The Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (formerly the Department of Planning and Environment) will conduct a final review of the proposed amendment. Upon completion, the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure will make the ultimate decision regarding the KLEP amendment.”

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