Thursday, April 25, 2024

Hawkesbury donation channel opens for flood victims

To help people affected by the severe storms and flooding across NSW, generous Australians are encouraged to donate money, items, skills and services online at

In partnership with the NSW Government, GIVIT is managing donations during the flood recovery.

Residents have lost essential household items, furniture, whitegoods, clothes, work equipment and more.

GIVIT is working directly with Hawkesbury City Council, outreach teams, local charities and community groups to identify exactly what’s needed. GIVIT then meets those needs through its online warehouse, or by purchasing requested items locally using donated funds.

“With communities significantly impacted, homes left uninhabitable and many more with severe damage, GIVIT is working with the NSW Government and support organisations on the ground as they assess need and advise what critical and immediate material support is required,” Hawkesbury Council said in a statement.

GIVIT is urging people to not send unrequested donations. 

  • “Please do not bring unrequested donations into the impacted areas, or donations which can be bought locally,” GIVIT said in a statement.
  • “We want to make sure local organisations aren’t inundated with donations they don’t need, by encouraging people to donate the smart way through our website,”
  • 100% of donated money GIVIT receives will be used to purchase essential items and services needed by people and communities impacted. To support local businesses and the economic recovery of affected communities, wherever possible, GIVIT purchases locally.
  • Donations needed by people impacted are already being shared on Essential and everyday items such as toiletries, food and fuel vouchers, as well as items needed in evacuation centres have already been requested.

To donate, or learn more about GIVIT’s ‘Severe Storms and Flooding’ Appeal, visit -and-flooding

GIVIT encourages all NSW charities, services and community groups supporting people impacted, to register with GIVIT free of charge to access thousands of wonderful donations offered by generous individuals and corporates. Register via

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