Thursday, April 25, 2024

Green light for Mosman COVID testing clinic

A new drive-through COVID-19 testing clinic will commence operations in Mosman on Monday 27 December following negotiations between Mosman Council, Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and clinic operator Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, Council said in a statement today.

The clinic will be located in the carpark off Suakin Drive, Georges Heights, adjacent to Georges Heights Oval.

Mosman Council said it had worked closely with various agencies to secure the new Georges Heights site following the closure of the Melrose Street testing clinic last week. That clinic was closed in consultation with NSW Police and the operators due to public safety concerns in relation to excessive traffic, parking and access issues and a significant recent increase in demand, it said.

“Council is extremely grateful to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for making its facilities available for the new testing site, which is likely to remain available until the end of January 2022 while Douglass Hanly Moir continues to look for a longer-term solution,” Mosman Mayor, Carolyn Corrigan said today.

“Location options are limited in Mosman because drive-through testing sites require capacity for more than 100 cars to queue in an easily accessible location without blocking intersections, driveways and regional traffic flows. The Melrose facility could not cope with the recent increase in tests for travel purposes and this temporary solution is a much safer option.

“The provision of this interim location means residents once again have access to a local drive-through and will not have to travel further afield for a similar service over the holiday period. Our heartfelt thanks go to Chair Joseph Carrozzi, the Board and the staff of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for putting their hands up to help. We recognise that this will impact on some of the key stakeholders in the area as well as the surrounding residents but we ask for patience until the current surge subsides.

“Council encourages residents to get tested when required, to continue practising basic infection control health measures to combat the virus and to stay safe and healthy over the festive and summer holiday season,” the Mayor said.

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