Sunday, May 26, 2024

Gladstone to streamline CBD speeds

Gladstone Regional Council has announced it will soon carry out work to implement a 40km/h speed limit precinct within its CBD in an effort to streamline existing speed limits and avoid driver confusion.

Current speed limits within the CBD range from 10km/h (Shared Zone at Library Square) through to 50 km/h (urban default limit), while 40km/h school zones are also in operation between the hours of 7.30am-9am and 2.30pm-4pm on school days.

The speed limit change has been endorsed by the Speed Management Committee, which includes officers from Queensland Police, Department of Transport and Main Roads and Council.

The Gladstone CBD is referred to as the area bounded by:

  • Lord Street to the north (including Flinders Parade near East Shores Stage 1a)
  • Auckland Street to the east
  • Tank Street to the south
  • Glenlyon Street to the west.

All streets within these boundaries will be subject to a 40km/h speed limit, including Lord Street and Tank Street, with the 10km/h Shared Zone at Library Square to remain.

The speed limits along Auckland Street and Glenlyon Street will remain at 50km/h and 60km/h respectively.

Gladstone Region Councillor, Rick Hansen said the project is scheduled to begin from early May, lasting approximately two weeks (weather permitting), and will involve the supply and installation of 40km/h signage at 17 locations within the CBD.

“Council’s road crews will also remove 19 existing signs, lay down stencil pavement markings at six locations and line marking at other areas,” Councillor Hansen said.

“Red-coloured road surface treatments, similar to what is seen at entry points to towns along the Bruce Highway, will also be laid down to alert motorists that they are entering the 40km/h precinct.”

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