Sunday, May 26, 2024

Fremantle to raise pool roof replacement

A committee of Fremantle Council will meet next week to consider the replacement of the roof over the indoor pools at the Fremantle Leisure Centre.

The pavilion structure over the Leisure Centre’s 25-metre and family leisure pools was constructed in 1996.

In October last year the lightweight polycarbonate roof covering the pavilion was removed due to storm damage. Since then, the pools have continued to operate without the roof.

Next Wednesday the council’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee will consider tenders to replace the roof.

The project will include the remediation and repainting of the existing steel structure, installation of new roof and wall sheeting, upgrades to electrical services and the installation of new café blinds.

Subject to the committee’s acceptance of the tender and an additional budget allocation, the replacement of the roof is scheduled to begin in September and be completed before Christmas.

Fremantle Mayor, Hannah Fitzhardinge said it was important to get the roof back on as soon as possible.

“It’s well known that the current construction market is very heated, and while unfortunately costs have gone up, this project is a clear priority for our community and we don’t feel it can wait,” Mayor Fitzhardinge said.

“In fact, we’re aware of other councils who haven’t had any responses to similar tenders, so we’re grateful that we have a recommended contractor.

“Unfortunately, the indoor pools will have to be closed for the duration of the project, so we apologise for the inconvenience that will cause for our Leisure Centre members, swim squads and casual swimmers.

“There will never be an ideal time to carry out these works, so the recommendation is to just bite the bullet and get on with it.”

The Fremantle Leisure Centre has four heated pools – an eight-lane 50 metre outdoor pool, an undercover 25-metre pool, playground pool and a program pool for therapy and rehabilitation.

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