Saturday, April 13, 2024

Forestry support branches to Noojee

Noojee is the latest community to benefit from the Victorian Forestry Plan, a state government initiative supporting timber communities and local jobs as the industry transitions.  

As part of the program, Baw Baw Shire Council will receive $360,000 that will go towards recruiting an independent project officer to develop a local development strategy to support the community’s economic position with the transition.  

“We welcome the Victorian Government’s program to support the Noojee community to plan for a strong economic future,” said Baw Baw Mayor, Michael Leaney

Council’s role will see it engaging with the community to form relationships with key community members, groups and businesses within Noojee timber industry.

Then, over a two-year period, the project officer will help facilitate community-led efforts to identify the town’s strengths, assets, challenges and opportunities for innovation and economic development.  

Following this period, a local development strategy will be formed outlining the range of action plans and identified transition priorities. 

“This funding puts the power directly into the hands of local communities to plan for and take control of their future based on their strengths and priorities,” said Minister for Agriculture, Mary-Anne Thomas.

It build on the work of the Latrobe Valley Authority supporting long-term economic development across Gippsland, the Minister said.

The Victorian Forestry Plan’s Local Development Strategy grant program is a community-led transition plan designed to support the native timber industry ahead of commercial timber harvesting ending in 2030. 

For more information on the Victorian Forestry Plan, please visit the State Government website.  

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