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The IPWEA Asset Management Pathway is designed to meet the current and future needs of the asset and infrastructure focused public works professional. The Pathway supports your career development as an asset custodian, building your capability with practical online courses, underpinned by our world best practice publications.

Support your future with the IPWEA Asset Management Pathway

The IPWEA Asset Management Pathway has been designed with 3 levels of learning – Foundations, Build and Recognise levels each featuring courses that are fast becoming the industry standard in training for asset, fleet and infrastructure focused professionals.

With no prerequisites to any of the courses, you can start your training at any level and start building your Asset Management capabilities that benefit your career and your organisation. And now you can link courses together to seek recognition under the WPiAM Global Certification Scheme.

BUILD courses are where you apply your knowledge and build deep capability in asset management and infrastructure financial management:

The Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management (ProCert IFM) enables asset and finance management professionals achieve their required business objectives.

The key objectives of the course are to establish the importance of infrastructure stewardship responsibilities and learn how to meet this stewardship responsibility through the integration of asset management and financial management planning concepts.

Be Recognised by the World Partners in Asset Management

IPWEA has recently announced the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) have endorsed the completion of two IPWEA Asset Management Pathway courses, the Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning and Integrating Asset Management and Governance, as satisfying the knowledge requirements equivalent to the Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) certification.

This enables IPWEA AM Pathway participants to leverage their educational achievements, when combined with 5-years demonstrated experience in Asset Management, to make an application for the Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM) designation, and when combined with 8 years demonstrated experience, for the Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (CSAM) designation via the Global Certification Scheme.

All IPWEA courses are now open for registration! 

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