Monday, February 26, 2024

EMRC scans horizon to guide net zero journey

WA’s Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) has completed a ‘Scan of
the Circular Economy Horizon in WA’ to get a clearer view of state’s circularity future.

The scan, conducted in partnership with the GHD group, is set to assist the regional Council to plan, promote and advance circularity in Perth’s Eastern Region and across wider WA.

It acts as a guiding document to reduce environmental impacts, drive circular economy-based initiatives, future-proof the business for market changes, and increase awareness of the circular economy benefits, said Council CEO, Marcus Geisler.

“Circularity is the key to achieving Net Zero and the Horizon Scan will help us understand our current position, regionally, and where we need to head to achieve our target of ‘below zero carbon emissions by 2040’. This will be made possible through industry-wide collaboration, cross-industry mapping based on needs assessment, ecological symbiosis and co- location, and creating industry and materials focused roadmaps to enable a circular economy, regionally and wider,” said Mr Geisler.

He said the Regional Circular Economy Horizon Scan will support the EMRC to make circular economy-focused strategic and operational decisions based on economic, regulatory, and policy trends including working toward achieving net zero and continuing diversion from landfill, as well as waste market forecasts and shifting circular economy drivers.

The EMRC continues to lead the journey towards decarbonisation and Net Zero, through its newly adopted Sustainability Strategy, and now with the Regional Circular Economy Horizon Scan as a guiding document to adopt circularity in WA, said Mr Geisler.

The Regional Circular Economy Horizon Scan report is available on the EMRC’s website

Founded in 1983, the EMRC is a regional local government representing the interests of five-member Councils located in Perth’s Eastern Region: Town of Bassendean, City of
Bayswater, the City of Kalamunda, Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan.

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