Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Dubbo to tap into fluoride after 4-year absence

Dubbo Regional Council is working with NSW Public Works to prepare tender documents for the design and construction of a new local fluoride dosing system.

Residents of Dubbo have not had fluoride in their water since January 2019 when the city’s fluoridation equipment failed and remained offline until it was brought to the attention of the new CEO in April 2022.

Water fluoridation is the process of adjusting the amount of fluoride in drinking water to an optimal level to help reduce tooth decay. Dubbo’s water supply currently only includes natural fluoridation.

Affected water includes potable town water from the John Gilbert Water Treatment Plant which covers Dubbo, Wongarbon, Eumungerie, Ballimore, Mogriguy and Brocklehurst.

Tenders for the fluoridation project close on 28 February.

Council Director Infrastructure, Luke Ryan said staff from Dubbo Regional Council and NSW Public Works will assess the tenders and prepare a report to be considered by Council.

Prior to the report to Council, the Department of Planning and Environment will be required to approve the proposed contractor for these works, he said.

 “Since being made aware of the lack of fluoride in the water in April 2022, Council staff have done everything they can to make sure the situation is rectified for the public as soon as possible.”

“After the contract has been awarded Council will be able to provide more accurate timelines based on the successful contractor’s submission,” Mr Ryan said.

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