Thursday, May 30, 2024

Dubbo launches smart water online portal

Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) has launched MyDRCWater, an online customer portal for properties and water customers who have had smart water devices installed. 

The highly anticipated online portal allows customers to monitor their water usage in real time. Customers will be able to track their consumption and set alarms for over-usage or early detection of leaks. 

Council’s Director of Infrastructure, Julian Geddes outlined some of the benefits of this new technology for both Council and the community.

“The smart water devices and MyDRCWater customer portal will provide customers with valuable insights into how they use their water, allowing them to develop their own strategies to manage consumption,” said Mr Geddes.

“Already, Council has been able to assist customers detect around 279 leaks. We are mindful that all savings, big or small, count for our residents, businesses and the environment.”

Mr Geddes said that improved data would allow Council to monitor the condition of the town water network.

“The added benefit of the online portal is that it provides Council staff with an enhanced data about our network and services,” he said

DRC Manager of Customer Experience, Caitlin Colliver said the online portal had proven to be very effective when helping customers with their water bill enquiries.  

“We often receive phone calls from our customers querying the water consumption on their water bills,” she said.

“If the customer has a smart water device installed we can easily sign them up to the online portal and log in with them and see what’s going on.

“In many cases the customer may have had visitors and we can see their usage increase on specific dates, or they may have filled up their pool on a certain day. This extra water is then accounted for, the customer is satisfied and has a greater understanding about how they use their water.

“Other customers have detected, via the online portal, a slow leak somewhere in their premises, picked-up by water flowing despite no one being home at the time. This can save the customer hundreds of dollars on their future water bills.”

Another great benefit is that all residents can use the portal, not just the property owner. Tenants with permission from their landlord are also able to sign up to the portal. 

Any property that has had a smart water device installed can sign up to the portal via

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