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Dubbo Council clarifies RAAF site redevelopment approval

Dubbo Regional Council’s adoption of a Planning Agreement with developers of the former RAAF Stores Depot site at Dubbo is unrelated to a Development Application (DA) for a Bunnings Warehouse at the site, Council’s Director Development and Environment Stephen Wallace said today.

At the April Ordinary Meeting of Council on Monday, Councillors voted to adopt the recommendations of a report in respect of a draft Planning Agreement between Council and Andorra Developments Pty Ltd. It was a requirement of the Development Application for a three-stage subdivision and Master Plan for the former Stores Depot, located on the corner of Cobra and Palmer streets, that the applicant enter into an agreement prior to the first subdivision certificate.

Council is currently assessing a Development Application for a Bunnings Warehouse at the former RAAF Stores Depot site.

However Mr Wallace has moved to reassure the community that the Planning Agreement for the entire RAAF Stores Depot site and the Development Application for the Bunnings Warehouse are two separate matters.

“The adoption of the Planning Agreement is a requirement of an initial development consent over the entire RAAF Stores Depot for the developers. This matter was considered based on the Development Application approved by the Land and Environment Court on 6 August 2018,” he said.

“Council is in the process of assessing a Development Application for a Bunnings Warehouse but the Planning Agreement is not related to that application and I would stress to the community that the DA for a Bunnings Warehouse will be assessed separately on its merits.

“The two matters are very different and the Planning Agreement as proposed in no way endorses or disapproves of the DA for a Bunnings Warehouse.”

Prior to the adoption of the draft Planning Agreement it was placed on public exhibition and there were three submissions, which were addressed in the report. It was also a recommendation of the report that those who made a submission would be acknowledged and advised of Council’s determination.

The Planning Agreement will see the developer provided a total credit of $5,173,200 by Council for works carried out.

The terms are as follows:

· Total credit of $2,360,200 to the Developer for the provision of stormwater infrastructure, including $1,660,200 for stormwater basins and $700,000 in-kind contributions.

· Total credit of $2,202,000 to the Developer for development in respect to proposed Lot 10, including $18,000 for landscaping, $300,000 for the future maintenance, $800,000 for works in respect to supervised public visitation inside the former communications bunker, and $1,084,000 for the dedication of the land to Council.

· Total credit of $611,000 to the Developer for the construction of a signalised intersection on Cobra Street, which is approximately 30% of the overall value of the works.

· Payment to Council of developer contributions in accordance with section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 after the credits have been exhausted.

The Planning Agreement recognises the infrastructure provided by the developer that benefits the wider community.

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