Thursday, February 29, 2024

Draft upgrade plan for Warrawong goes public

Wollongong City Council has released its draft plan for an upgrade of Warrawong Town Centre for public feedback.

The Council says it hopes the Warrawong Streetscape Upgrade Plan will tap into the potential of Warrawong’s main thoroughfare, Cowper Street, as a community hub.

“We set out our vision for Warrawong as well as the actions Council can take to renew the Town Centre in the Warrawong Town Centre Masterplan, which was endorsed in 2013,” Council said in a statement.

“We want to upgrade and rejuvenate Cowper Street to make it easier for pedestrians to get around, safer and more attractive for people to enjoy this key public space.”

The draft Plan spells out the upgrades Council is proposing for Cowper Street.

“We’ve included concept plans, illustrative images and artist impressions of what this could look like as well as examples of the proposed traffic changes that make the wider footways possible,” said Wollongong City Lord Mayor, Gordon Bradbery AM.

“Council is now asking the community to share their thoughts on the proposed Streetscape Upgrade Plan. It’s a draft Plan and that means now’s the best time to make any adjustments while we’re in the design phase.”

“Local knowledge is an invaluable resource when it comes to designing big projects such as this one. We want to get this project right and so I ask that community members get involved, find out more about the proposed upgrades and share what you think will work, or may need some improvement now while we’re on the drawing board,” he said.

The Lord Mayor said Council had a long-term vision for Warrawong that includes the extensive work currently underway on the new Warrawong Library and Community Centre.

“We have a really ambitious vision for Warrawong and the work on the Streetscape Upgrade Plan and the Warrawong Library and Community Centre project is really exciting,” he said.

“There is a lot planned for Warrawong over the next few years and the upgrades to Cowper Street as a community hub will add so much value to the amenity, safety, and atmosphere of the Warrawong Town Centre.

“Over at the new Warrawong Library and Community Centre, works on this significant project are continuing. We’ve recently reached a new milestone with the Development Proposal now approved. That means we can finalise our design for the centre.”

For more information about the draft Warrawong Streetscape Upgrade Plan or to leave feedback, visit the Our Wollongong website.

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