Friday, July 26, 2024

Residents to have say on draft Braidwood plan

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is asking residents to have their say on its Draft Braidwood Community Plan.

The Council says the draft plan has been developed to document what is important to the people of Braidwood and the surrounding area.

“The Braidwood community has helped put this plan together and identified opportunities to make Braidwood an even better place to live, work and visit,” said Deputy Mayor, Esma Livermore.

“Braidwood is one of many unique towns and villages in our local government area and it’s important that residents feel empowered to share their hopes for the future.

“This plan is intended to be a pilot for other villages and localities in the local government area that choose to develop their own community plans.”

Council endorsed the proposal to facilitate the development of a 10-year locality-based Braidwood Community Plan at its April 2023 meeting. While developing the draft plan, those involved in the discussions suggested that a 5-year plan is more realistic, Council said in a statement.

In developing the draft plan, workshops were held with representatives of local youth and businesses and a range of consultation was undertaken with Braidwood residents over the past few months.

Consultation documents developed by the Braidwood Community Association, Braidwood Life Centre, Braidwood and Villages Business Chamber, and Braidwood and Villages Tourism helped inform the draft plan. It was also informed by the Braidwood and District Resilience Plan and the consultation document developed during consultations on the Braidwood Structure Plan.

This Community Plan will provide input into Council’s Delivery Programs and Operational Plans that determine Council actions and projects for the following four years and one year respectively. It will also assist Council with identifying grant projects and opportunities relevant to Braidwood.

Read the draft plan and have your say until 25 July 2024 at

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