Monday, June 17, 2024

Devonport pedals new bike repair station

Devonport City Council is helping the local community to get back on their bikes with the installation of a bike repair station.

To celebrate the new bike repair station in Market Square, Bicycle Network Tasmania will run its Back on your Bike program from Sunday, 4 September.

Devonport Mayor, Annette Rockliff said the bike repair station offers a wide range of tools and a stand to help riders perform basic bike repairs.

Mayor Rockliff said the station was made possible thanks to a Healthy Tasmania grant, aimed at getting more people riding their bikes to work.

“Council has been pleasantly surprised with the number of people we’ve seen using the bike repair station, it says a lot about the rideability of our city and the supportive bike riding community,” Mayor Rockliff said.

“Council has worked with the Bicycle Network Tasmania to create a video and fact sheet on the bike repair station available via Council’s website.”

Bicycle Network Tasmania’s Alison Hetherington said the Back on your Bike program is suitable for adults who are beginners or wanting to build on their bike riding skills and confidence in a safe and encouraging environment.

“Funded by a Healthy Tasmania grant, the Back on your Bike program is free for anyone who wants to refresh their skills and build their confidence to get riding again,” she said.

“Whatever your goal, to move more, to get healthy, connect with others, save on transport costs or doing your bit for the environment, Back on your Bike can give you the motivation to work towards that goal.”

Ms Hetherington said the Council’s bike repair station is a fantastic resource for riders who don’t always carry tools around with them.

“It can also be used by riders to double check everything is okay with their bike before heading out for a ride, or just making sure your tyres are pumped up for a smooth roll,” she said.

“Tool stands make it easier for people to jump on a bike and go for a ride, which is something we want to see more of.”

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