Monday, May 27, 2024

Cumberland council wins appeal against mosque DA

A development application for the construction of a mosque in Factory Street Granville has been refused after the Land and Environment Court ruled to dismiss the appeal.

Cumberland City Council contended that residents would be exposed to unreasonable noise and an influx of vehicles on the street.

The proposal included a place of worship for 300 people and parking spaces for up to 218 people.

The judgement report said that a number of resident objectors gave evidence in writing and by video conferencing, raising concerns about noise impacts to an area nearby a residential zone, inadequate parking, and future growth in attendee numbers.

Mayor of Cumberland City Council said it was a win for residents.

“We are pleased with the outcome. Councillor Rahme and I, along with Council, worked hard to ensure the voices of our residents were heard on the matter,” Mayor Christou said.

“It’s a ruling that serves the greater betterment for the Granville community and sets the standard for Cumberland City.

It’s simple really, residents don’t need to be subjected to noisy streets and congested roads.”

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