Thursday, April 25, 2024

Crater Lakes fire damage assessment begins

Adelaide’s Crater Lakes precinct has been returned to the care and control of City of Mount Gambier Council following a fire this week.

The fire blackened about 50 hectares of grass, scrub and vegetation since it was first reported early on Tuesday morning, Council said in a statement.

The area remains closed to ensure public safety, enable ongoing fire monitoring and for damage and hazard assessment to begin, it said.

Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), SA Country Fire Service (CFS), Forestry SA and National Parks and Wildlife firefighters contained the fire on Wednesday. However, the Valley Lakes precinct, Centenary Tower, sections of the Carinya Gardens Cemetery, Potters Point, Marist Park and all associated Crater Lakes walking trails remain closed.

“The MFS is asking the public not to visit these areas as the fire is expected to continue to smoulder for up to another week. Burning trees, falling trees and smouldering ground vegetation pose a significant risk to the public. Please adhere to requests to stay away,” City of Mount Gambier CEO, Sarah Philpott said.

“Funerals will recommence at Carinya Gardens Cemetery on Saturday and people are currently permitted to visit grave sites. We ask that all those who visit the cemetery adhere to the signage and keep well away from areas affected by the fire.

“Upon our first assessment, people might be interested to know that the animals within the Conservation Park at the Valley Lakes were unharmed during the fire. Along with other assessments, we will keep an eye on their welfare.”

The MFS will continue to monitor the area in the coming days to extinguish smouldering vegetation where required.

Council will now begin the damage and risk assessment process in the area to develop a plan for recovery.

“We are developing our assessment approach and will draw on assistance from the Limestone Coast Landscape Management Board, National Parks and Wildlife and the MFS as we undertake a thorough assessment of the Crater Lakes area in the coming weeks.”

“In the meantime, we urge people to stay away from the walking/bike trail paths at this point. Signage will soon go up on the trails to alert people to the ongoing danger due to the fire. Please abide by the signage and find another walking/bike route until we can ensure the area is safe for public use once again.

“As we have mentioned previously, when we have an idea of the recovery work that is required, there will be a phased reopening of the space and we will keep the community informed as soon as we know more,” Ms Philpott said.

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