Saturday, May 25, 2024

Council meeting hat-trick for Inglewood

The latest community projects and topics from across the Goondiwindi Region were the topics of discussion in Inglewood, as Goondiwindi Regional Council held its September Ordinary Meeting in the town recently.

The morning marked the third meeting held in Inglewood since Council first committed to holding regular meetings outside of Goondiwindi at the start of the current Council term.

The agenda included community grant applications from across the region, community feedback from Talwood, a review of the Local Disaster Management Plan, and a project briefing for councillors about a proposed Progressive Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRCP) for the Texas Sliver Mine.

The meeting was followed by a community morning tea at the Inglewood Council Chambers.

Goondiwindi Mayor, Lawrence Springborg AM said the commitment to hold meetings in Inglewood and Texas was a reflection of Council’s commitment to the region as a whole.

“After the election in 2020, Council committed to holding an Ordinary Meeting in Inglewood and Texas every six months on rotation, for the duration of the current Council term,” Mayor Springborg said.

“The Goondiwindi Region comprises more than 19,000 square kilometres – that’s an enormous land area made up of many different small towns and communities, each with their own opportunities and challenges that need representation,” he said.

“Council works for the entire Goondiwindi Region, and my fellow councillors and I are proud to represent residents across the entirety of our local government area,” he said. “I strongly encourage residents to attend future Council meetings if they can.”

The next Ordinary Meeting to be held outside of Goondiwindi is scheduled for March 2023 in Texas – all residents are invited to attend and Council will advertise the exact date closer to the time of the meeting.

The Mayor also regularly works from the Inglewood Civic Centre and Texas Cultural Centre.

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