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Council commits $5.2m in extra road funding

Wollondilly Council last night endorsed an additional $5.2m Road Recovery Plan of extra investment on roads over the next four months, in response to major damage inflicted on the Shire during the recent extreme weather event.

Council budgeted $18m for this year for road works but decided to allocate the extra $5.2m due to the widespread impact of storms and flooding in March to address the immediate issues of roads across Wollondilly.

The approved Road Recovery Plan includes an additional $5.2 million investment in minor and major patching, as well as major reconstruction to make roads usable and address the longer term impacts on affected sections of the network.

“The Shire took a battering during the storms in March. Council staff worked hard during and after the event to respond to the immediate impacts such as clearing debris from roads, monitoring water levels at bridges, safety road repairs and managing road closures,” said Mayor Robert Khan.

“Wollondilly has endured four natural disasters since 2016, which have had a significant impact on our people as well as our road network, which is suffering after this latest beating,” he said.

“We’ve been working around the clock on immediate repairs and will be pulling out all stops to get these repairs and major reconstruction works done fast.

“Council is also planning on investing heavily in 2021/22 in an updated road repair program to improve the highest priority roads for the community.”

“A key priority is that the NSW Government work with Council and take on responsibility for management of our main roads like Remembrance Driveway, Silverdale Road and Menangle Road as well as building the Picton Bypass.”

The Road Recovery Plan covers seven main areas:

1. Immediate storm/flood impact management

These works are expected to cost at least $400,000, with temporary repairs continuing into early May 2021.

2. Upgrading of temporary repairs with minor patches

The focus is on maintaining the usability of the road until the site is programmed for more permanent and expensive pavement reconstruction works under a revised Transport Capital Works Program.

3. Accelerating major patching and asphalt reconstruction works

This involves accelerating major capital works on key access routes such as Werombi Road, Cobbitty Road, Remembrance Driveway, Woodbridge Road, Montpelier Road and Thirlmere Way.

4. Additional road reconstruction works

Additional pavement reconstruction works are planned on Finns Road, Cawdor and the Remembrance Driveway, Bargo in partnership with the Australian Government Local Roads & Community Infrastructure Program.

5. Revising the Road Works Program for future years to target investment where it’s needed

Council’s future road repair program is being updated based on current road condition and community feedback to ensure it targets the right roads for priority works in 2021/22 and beyond. 

6. Getting on with the job of the planned 2020/21 Road works Program

The 2020/21 Road Works Program is on track to being delivered as originally funded.

7. Additional resources to lead transport and road management

Additional resources are planned to lead management of all of our transport and road planning and management and increased works programs over the coming years.

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