Sunday, July 21, 2024

Cook Shire Mayor signs off after 16 years in top job

After two decades of dedicated service in local government, Cook Shire Mayor, Peter Scott, this month presided over his last Council meeting.

The meeting marked the end of his 16-year tenure as Mayor of Cook Shire Council.

“As I bid farewell, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the Councillors, but also the dedicated Council staff for their tireless commitment to making Cook Shire great,” said Mayor Scott.

“It has been an honour to work alongside such dedicated individuals, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this remarkable team.”

In a statement, the Council said that throughout his tenure, Mayor Scott had been “a steadfast leader, representing Cook Shire with integrity, commitment, and a deep understanding of the community’s needs”.

“His contributions have left an indelible mark on the Shire, shaping its growth and development over the years.”

The Council acknowledged Mayor Scott’s pivotal role in numerous significant achievements for the Shire, including the redevelopment of Grassy Hill lookout, the revitalisation of Cooktown Foreshore and Webber Esplanade, and the establishment of key infrastructure such as the Cooktown Events Centre and Lakeland’s Gateway to Cape York.

Mayor Scott said he was personally very proud of being integrally involved in the establishment of the Endeavour Christian College, the Holy Spirit College and the Cape York Family Centre.

The Council said Mayor Scott’s advocacy and dedication have also led to improvements in essential services, social infrastructure, and community well-being, fostering a stronger and more resilient Cook Shire.

“As Mayor Scott transitions into semi-retirement, Cook Shire Council expresses its deepest appreciation for his leadership, vision, commitment and tireless efforts in serving our community,” the Council said.

“With Local Government elections this Saturday 16 March, Cook Shire Council also extends sincerest appreciation to all Councillors for their dedicated service and invaluable contributions to the community. Your commitment and tireless efforts have played a significant role in shaping Cook Shire’s growth and development.”

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