Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Collar call for regulated canines

Regulated dogs – including restricted breeds and dogs declared dangerous or menacing – will need to wear a distinctive red and yellow striped collar from January 1, the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries has announced today.

To keep the community safe, regulated dogs must wear a specific type of red and yellow striped collar starting in the new year, Minister Mark Furner said.

Currently, regulated dogs must wear a distinctive collar, but the appearance was not specified and there were inconsistencies across different local government areas, he said.

“From 1 January 2022 all regulated dogs in Queensland must wear a collar that has red and yellow angled reflective stripes.”

“We want the same collar worn everywhere, so we all know what to look out for.”

Regulated dogs include restricted breeds, declared dangerous dogs and declared menacing dogs.

Restricted breeds are dog breeds that are not permitted to be imported into Australia. Declared dangerous and menacing dogs are dogs that have been declared by the relevant local council, the Minister said.

Mr Furner said making the distinctive collar mandatory would help promote responsible management of regulated dogs and allow local government officers and community members to quickly identify a regulated dog.

“If you are aware of a regulated dog not wearing a distinctive collar, call your local council and don’t approach the dog,” he said.

The changes followed consultation with local governments in partnership with the Local Government Association of Queensland.

 For more information visit qld.gov.au/families and search for ‘regulated dogs’.

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