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Collaboration key to improving Logan-Albert catchment

A water quality officer testing river health.

The strong collaboration between Logan City Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council is driving real improvements in the Logan-Albert catchment, according to the Council of Mayors (SEQ).

In a first for the region, the two councils share one catchment management officer dedicated to leading collaborative, on-ground projects across the two council areas. This officer is funded by the Resilient Rivers Initiative through pooled funding contributed by member councils of the Council of Mayors (SEQ).  

The successful collaboration between the two councils was celebrated on December 4 as part of a Resilient Rivers’ Landholders Get Together event in Cedar Grove. 

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Director and Logan City Mayor, Darren Power said the City of Logan was proud to be a part of the Resilient Rivers Initiative and believed collaboration was critical to improving the Logan-Albert catchment. 

“Collaboration is key when it comes to protecting and improving our catchments,” said Mayor Power. 

“Creeks and rivers don’t follow our council boundaries and therefore we need to work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for the environment and our residents. 

“The south-west parts of region are often the hardest hit by severe weather events. The SEQ Mayors realise this and are working together, through the Resilient Rivers Initiative, to keep farming soil on the land and out of our rivers and streams.”

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Director and Scenic Rim Mayor, Greg Christensen added that sharing a catchment management officer between the two councils made sense and fostered stronger collaboration across council boundaries. 

“There are so many stakeholders who play an important role in protecting the Logan-Albert. Having one resource to ensure we are all working together is a huge advantage,” said Mayor Christensen. 

“The Resilient Rivers Initiative is not just about delivering on-ground improvements. By funding a shared catchment management officer, it’s promoting collaboration, engagement and knowledge-sharing between councils, landholders and other entities working in our catchments.

“Today’s Get Together event with landholders is a big part of that process. It’s an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to share ideas and experiences that can make the Logan-Albert catchment stronger.”

The Resilient Rivers Initiative promotes a coordinated and strategic approach to the management of South East Queensland’s catchments. It is managed and funded through the Council of Mayors (SEQ) and its member councils. 

About the Resilient Rivers Initiative 

The Resilient Rivers Initiative was launched in December 2014 with the purpose of improving the health of South East Queensland’s waterways by delivering a coordinated approach to catchment management. 

The Resilient Rivers Initiative was founded on the recognition that a coordinated approach to catchment management is vital to ensure future economic, social and environmental health of the South East Queensland.

To-date, the Council of Mayors (SEQ) has developed six Catchment Action Plans, and pooled more than $4.6 million in funding, to deliver a strategic approach to protecting and improving the region’s creeks, rivers and iconic Moreton Bay. 

Most recently, Logan and Scenic Rim councils have collaborated with private landowners to plant more than 7,000 trees along a stretch of the Logan River at Woodhill and Allenview. These native trees will reduce sediment loss, protect against severe weather events, and ultimately, improve the water quality and health of Moreton Bay.

Visit the Resilient Rivers Initiative page for more information.

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