Thursday, May 30, 2024

City of Stonnington launches new accessibility tool

The City of Stonnington Council has launched a new accessibility tool that reflects its vision to provide a user experience that is adaptable to the needs of the local community.

“We understand that digital content and communications can be a barrier for many community members, including people with disability, to accessing essential information,” Council said in a statement.

‘UserWay’ has been installed on the City of Stonnington and Connect Stonnington websites, and is set to support people with disability and accessibility needs to engage with Stonnington programs, services and community feedback activities.

The UserWay tool provides:

  • screen reader technology;
  • options to enlarge text and cursor;
  • options to change contrast on a page;
  • the ability to modify text spacing and format to improve readability including dyslexic friendly font;
  • other functions such as the option to hide images, highlight links and pause animations.

Council says the online improvements are part of a larger project around digital inclusion, which includes:

  • improving readability for all language abilities;
  • reducing accessibility issues on website for those who require assistive technology;
  • making PDFs more accessible.

The website upgrades align with Council’s Smart City Strategic Framework objective to:

  • improve the City’s digital confidence, skills, and access to empower participation through digital mechanisms;
  • foster digital inclusion to ensure our diverse and varied community has the resources, capabilities, and opportunity to use technology effectively to participate in society.

It also aligns to the Council’s four pillars in the Disability, Inclusion Action Plan – Accessible systems and processes, and a key action of Liveable communities – to implement strategies that promote digital inclusion and build digital literacy of community members. 

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