Friday, June 21, 2024

City of Casey to host innovation summit

Victoria’s City of Casey has announced it will host the Casey Innovation Summit, a day-long celebration of creativity, collaboration, and positive change, next month.

The event, to be held on Friday 27 October at Bunjil Place in Narre Warren, will feature a variety of events including:  

  • Strategic Sectors Industry Roundtable: An engaging roundtable discussion where industry leaders, experts, and key stakeholders will explore collaborative strategies, share insights, and address key challenges to foster growth, innovation, and resilience within industry. 
  • Hackathon: A hands-on event where teams will present their projects that they have been working on to develop innovative solutions using Microsoft technologies to tackle real-world challenges. 
  • Living Labs Exhibition: A showcase of how Casey is driving innovation and addressing local challenges through collaboration with industry and academia, and co-design with the community. 
  • Open Data Exhibition: A demonstration of how Casey is leveraging data to improve decision making, transparency, and service delivery. 
  • Community Innovation Exhibition: A display of how Casey is fostering a culture of innovation among its residents and entrepreneurs. 
  • Future Mobility: A launch event for Casey’s Future Mobility program, which aims to improve mobility in the city through cutting-edge technology and collaboration. 
  • Emerging Trends: An event where attendees can explore the latest emerging trends that will shape our future and uncover the potential opportunities and challenges they present. 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Innovation: An event where attendees can embrace the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion in innovation to shape a vibrant and welcoming city. 

Attendees will have the chance to hear from inspiring speakers, interact with experts and mentors, discover new ideas and opportunities, connect with like-minded thinkers, and explore the possibility of investing in the future of the city. 

“The City of Casey is committed to supporting innovation as a key driver of economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability,” said the City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff PSM.

“The Casey Innovation Summit is a platform for celebrating and learning from local innovators and entrepreneurs who are transforming the city with their ideas, products, and services.

“We invite stakeholders and potential investors to join the conversation and contribute to making the city more innovative, inclusive and economically vibrant,” Ms Duff said. 

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