Thursday, April 25, 2024

Cessnock grinds out coffee cup waste

Cessnock City Council has teamed up with Green Caffeen to reduce disposable coffee cup waste in the city.

Council said the scheme works like swap-and-go gas bottles, but with BPA-free, Australian made coffee cups.

Most takeaway coffee cups aren’t recyclable because of their plastic lining. In Australia, over one billion disposable coffee cups end up in landfill and our oceans each year.

Cessnock businesses – Greg’s Espresso Bar, MR O Kitchen Espresso Grocer, The Coffee Emporium – and Kurri Kurri’s Happi Chicken have been the first to sign up to the scheme.

“Reducing waste is something we all can do,” Cessnock City Mayor, Jay Suvaal said.

“By signing up to Green Caffeen, coffee loving residents of the Cessnock local government area can help reduce landfill to protect our natural environment.

“This scheme is great for anyone who forgets to bring their own keep-cups along each time they go to get a take-away coffee.”

Cessnock City Council is encouraging local businesses to sign up to the scheme to help reduce disposable coffee cup waste in the Cessnock local government area. Visit Green Caffeen to find out more.

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