Friday, July 26, 2024

Central Highlands milk new internal knowledge system

Central Highlands Region Council has unveiled its innovative new internal knowledge management system, ‘Connie the cow’, which has been designed to assist its service team to enhance customer service efficiency and satisfaction.  

The Council says ‘Connie’ – short for Constance, the Latin word for constant knowledge – will help milk information from the organisation for use by customer service staff.
Mayor, Janice Moriarty, shared how Connie came into existence.  

“We understand from a recent customer experience survey, customers want their interactions with council to be as smooth and efficient as possible,” the Mayor said.

“We’ve equipped our frontline teams with readily accessible information via a knowledge management system (Connie) that enables them to resolve a greater proportion of enquiries more efficiently.

“Connie is an internal centralised information source. A single source of truth, providing our customer service team with direct answers to customer questions shortening interactions so customers can get on with their busy lives.

“We appreciate and are committed to listening to customer feedback and finding innovative, cost-effective solutions that deliver efficiency and improved customer experiences,” she said.

Key features of Connie include: 

  • Centralised Information: Consolidates data from multiple sources into a single, accessible platform. 
  • Controlled Knowledge: Provides answers to customer inquiries, ensuring accuracy and consistency. 
  • Real-time Updates: Easy-to-update internal system to maintain accuracy and relevance. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Reduces average handling time, boosting productivity and customer service quality. 

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