Thursday, May 30, 2024

Central Highlands looks to tap into council water team potential


Central Highlands Regional Council is looking for a number of water professionals to join its ranks, from entry-level roles to team leader roles and technical support.

“Good quality water infrastructure means good quality water, and water is vital to our region’s economic and social future,” said General Manager Infrastructure and Utilities, Jason Hoolihan.

“Delivering this essential service to our communities requires a team of dedicated water utility professionals who help get this precious natural resource from our rivers and dams to your taps every day. If that sounds exciting, you could be what we’re looking for.

“In this year’s budget, we’ve allocated $24.2 million towards developing a future-focused workforce. That’s on top of the $24.1 million allocated directly to enhancing our region’s water utilities and $8.3 M on wastewater services across the Central Highlands.”

Mr Hoolihan said there were positions within the water utilities team throughout the region, with a relocation package of up to $3,000 available for out-of-region applicants.

“There are some great perks to working for council, particularly in this very rewarding space,” Mr Hoolihan said.

Applicants are encouraged to reach out to Council’s people and culture team to ask questions and learn more about the roles.

For more information view our current listings here, or call 1300 242 686.

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