Saturday, May 25, 2024

Central Goldfields council tackles skills shortage

Central Goldfields Shire Council has launched a pilot project to attract skilled migrants to the town of Maryborough in response to staff and skills shortages. 

Council says the project, named ‘Welcome to Central Goldfields’, is an opportunity to look at ways to support successful relocation to the Shire as well as advocate at all levels of government on workforce and housing needs. 

Shire Mayor, Chris Meddows-Taylor said the project will also add cultural richness and diversity to the area. 

“Council recently conducted a study of issues our employers were facing and that showed that over two thirds of employers had difficulty or serious difficulty attracting staff,” the Mayor said. 

“Working with our business and community partners, Council is determined to meet this challenge head on and assist our employers to source employees for these jobs that they can’t fill, many of which are providing services which our community want, need and value. 

“It’s an ambitious but exciting opportunity to create a long-term plan to ensure the needs of our current and future workforce are met. 

“But this is so much more than jobs. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow with our new residents.” 

The Mayor said it was hoped the project would leave a competitive legacy for the Shire in attracting jobseekers amidst a mass trend of migration from the city to the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Council is inviting local businesses with vacancies to get in touch by submitting their details here. 

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