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Call for SA water board nominees

The Local Government Association of South Australia is seeking nominations for a local government member on the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board for a four year term.

The South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board (SEWC&DB) is a statutory corporation to which the provisions of the South Eastern Water Conservation & Drainage Act 1992 apply.

The South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board’s primary functions are:

  1. to provide an effective and efficient system for managing the surface water of the non-urban lands in the South East, by conserving, draining, altering the flow of or utilising that water in any manner;
  2. to carry out works for the purpose of lowering the level of the water table of lands in the South East;
  3. to undertake, assist or promote research in the fields of water conservation, drainage and management;
  4. to give advice and assistance to others in the fields of water conservation, drainage and management.

In performing its functions under this Act the Board must:

  1. consult with the relevant authorities under all Acts dealing with protection of the environment, soil conservation or management or protection of water resources, and act in conformity with the policies established under those Acts;
  2. encourage and promote active community involvement in water conservation and management matters;
  3. seek to administer this Act on the basis of negotiation with landholders and all other relevant persons or authorities.

Appointments to the SEWC&D Board are for a period of four years.  The Board meets six times per year, generally at Millicent or Kingston with sitting fees of $177/session (plus $44.25 /hour for out of session duties).  For travel over 40km there is a reimbursement available of 98c/km, and there is currently also an option to attend some meetings via MS Teams.

The current local government representative is Ms Jane Fetherstonhaugh, whose term expires on 15 April 2021.  Ms Fetherstonhaugh is not seeking re-appointment as the local government nominee.

The South Eastern Water Conservation & Drainage Act 1992 requires the LGA to provide a panel of three nominees from which the Minister will select the appointee.  In accordance with section 36A of the Acts Interpretation Act 1915 the panel of nominees must include at least one male and one female.

In accordance with the LGA Appointments and Nominations to Outside Bodies Policy (Policy) the Nominations Committee of the LGA Board of Directors may undertake preliminary consideration of nominees and make recommendations to the LGA Board of Directors. Nominees will, unless determined otherwise by the LGA Board of Directors, be currently serving council members or employees of a council or other local government entity.  Only nominations submitted by a council, following a resolution of council, will be considered.

The Policy also enables the LGA Secretariat to maintain a Nominees Database, which will record the details of nominees who agree to be considered for other vacancies for a period of 12 months based on the nominee’s preferences. The Nomination Form (Part B below) asks nominees whether they want to be listed on the database.

How to nominate

The Call for Nominations Information Sheet (Part A) provides further information regarding the role, as well as any selection criteria to be addressed by the nominee.

The nominee and council are required to complete the Nomination Form (Part B) and forward to by 5pm Friday 26 March 2021.

An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and a response to the selection criteria (no more than 2 pages) must be supplied by the nominee – these may be submitted with the Nomination Form or forwarded separately by 5pm Friday 26 March 2021.

For further information, please contact the Nominations Coordinator at or 8224 2031.

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