Friday, March 1, 2024

Cairns council moves to improve helipad safety


Cairns Regional Council has announced that work will start this week to install temporary fencing and remove two trees near the Esplanade Helipad in a bid to improve safety.

The works are being carried out by contractors for the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service (CHHHS).

“The works will improve safety for the helicopters landing and taking off at Cairns Hospital. Works will not interrupt helicopter activity at the hospital,” the Council said in a statement.

“The removal of the two small trees near the foreshore will also reduce risk to the site, the helicopter and the general public. The large nearby raintree to the north of the helipad is not being removed.”

The helipad is used exclusively to meet the requirements of the Cairns Hospital and CHHHS is responsible to ensure that the helipad infrastructure remains compliant for its operational purpose and does not create an acceptable risk to the public.

Council has also agreed for the installation of temporary barriers and signage to be erected to block off pedestrian and bike paths during aircraft landing and take-off, which will also improve safety.

The helipad is located on Council-controlled land and was relocated to its current position in 1999 as a temporary solution to Cairns Hospital’s helipad requirements.

“Council is committed to engaging with CHHHS to determine a long-term solution to resolve Cairns Hospital’s helipad requirements,” the Council said.

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