Thursday, June 20, 2024

Brisbane war industries history goes digital

Brisbane City Council’s newest digital heritage trail is taking residents and visitors back to Salisbury’s critical role during the second world war.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the new Salisbury War Industries Heritage Trail mapped 11 local heritage places within the former Rocklea World War II munition factory.

“Brisbane is home to some fascinating history and the new heritage trail in Salisbury explores what was a munitions factory between 1941 to 1943,” Cr Schrinner said.

“This factory was a key part of Brisbane’s wartime effort and the largest of its kind in Australia.

“At its peak, it employed about 3000 workers, the majority women, and between January 1942 and October 1943, it produced 137,729,208 million rounds of ammunition and 1,221,122 shell cases.

“Seven months of research by Council, in partnership with the community, went into developing this trail which revisits some of the factory’s important places including the bullets laboratory, oil stores which housed fuel at a time when petrol was rationed and air raid shelters.

“Brisbane is home to impressive wartime history and I encourage those interested in learning more about Salisbury’s contribution to World War II to explore this trail.”

Digital trails feature QR codes along the routes which can be scanned to reveal maps, information and pictures.

Lord Mayor Schrinner said the most popular heritage trail, the Brisbane City Centre Trail, had now gone digital.

“The City Centre Trail explores 25 local heritage places from City Hall to Spring Hill and returning to MacArthur Chambers,” he said.

“Through this trail, people can visit Windmill Tower, one of only two surviving convict-built structures in the state, learn about the Great Brisbane fire in the 1860s and our military history and much more.”

“Each trail takes up to an hour or two to walk but covers an impressive amount of local history, so I encourage residents to get outdoors and take on a trail of their choice at their own pace.”

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