Thursday, May 30, 2024

Brisbane sells off 1,000 abandoned cars

More than 1,000 abandoned vehicles have been cleared off the streets and sold to the highest bidder as part of a Brisbane City Council blitz to clean up the city’s streets.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said abandoned cars cluttering suburban streets was not only unsightly, but also dangerous.

The Council has received more than 5,600 reports of unmanaged vehicles this financial year.

“Residents should not have to tolerate abandoned vehicles dumped on their streets as they’re an eye-sore and also cause safety issues for people trying to get around,” he said.

“In a blitz to clean up the city’s streets more than 50 abandoned vehicles have been removed since October last year.

Brisbane Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner.

“I want to keep our city clean, and our suburbs must not become dumping grounds.

Under the Local Law, if a vehicle is confiscated and not claimed it can be offered for sale within 14 days. Similarly, if someone claims the vehicle but does not collect it within 28 days it can be offered for sale.

More than 1000 abandoned vehicles have been auctioned by Council since mid-2019.

“If someone doesn’t want their car and leaves it abandoned, Council will remove and make sure it goes to someone who wants it,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Right now, people are facing long waits and high prices for cars, but you can bag a bargain and get the vehicle immediately by buying one of these seized vehicles with about 16 being sent to auction each month.”

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