Sunday, May 26, 2024

Brisbane council’s great green giveaway

Thousands of trees will be given to dozens of Brisbane schools this month as part of Brisbane City Council’s celebrations for Arbor Day.

Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner said the month-long plant giveaway had already led to 76 local schools requesting 6,508 trees to plant in October.

“This huge planting drive in October has been a tradition of Arbor Day since 1890 and plays a key role in increasing trees in Brisbane,” Lord Mayor Schrinner said.

“Every year Brisbane City Council offers schools free plants, with each school able to claim up to 50 free native plants, plus one extra plant for each year one student.

“It’s so incredibly important our younger generation learn to value our trees and green space from a young age as they are the future of our great city.

“Brisbane just keeps getting better and we want to ensure it continues to be the best place to live, work, relax and raise a family for our future generations.”

The Lord Mayor said the tree giveaway this month was a great opportunity for local schools.

“As the school communities come together to plant these trees, they are making their school environment greener and shadier and also providing food and shelter for local wildlife,” he said.

“All the trees are native Australian trees with 27 species on offer including trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and plants including the bottlebrush, mat rush and lillypilly.

“Council also provides the schools with tutorial videos on how to correctly plant trees and care for them, so they are stay healthy and survive for years to come.”

“Despite the official date in October for Arbor Day having passed plant requests can be made by schools until 31 October.

“We are delivering plants to schools throughout the entire month, so if your school has not made its request, please contact Council today.”

In addition to the school Arbor Day Program, Brisbane residents are also able to collect two free native plants at any time of the year.

“Council’s free native plant program has been on offer since the late 1960s and is the longest free plant program of its kind in Australia,” he said.

“Each year residents can choose two free native plants of their choice from one of the participating local nurseries or Council environment centres.

“This year we have already given away almost 12,000 free plants as part of the free native plants program, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t yet collected their plants to do so and help grow Brisbane’s green cover.”

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