Thursday, April 25, 2024

Blue Mountains take lead on asbestos management

Blue Mountains City Council has developed an Asbestos Management Toolkit for use by local government authorities throughout NSW.

The toolkit aims to provide local government authorities with strategies and processes to identify, eliminate, manage or minimise asbestos related hazards and risks.

“We have developed this Asbestos Management Toolkit for the benefit of all NSW councils,” said Blue Mountains City Council CEO, Rosemary Dillon.

“The need to identify and manage asbestos containing material is a challenge faced by councils across NSW. The safety, health and wellbeing of our workplaces and our community is paramount and we must all take the matter of asbestos management seriously,” she said.

The toolkit guides and supports integration of asbestos management into local government workplace systems and procedures. It highlights information about the responsibilities of a council and includes materials and resources that local government authorities can download and use to support best practice management of asbestos.

Dr Dillon said the Guide to Asbestos Management for NSW Councils was supported by a suite of procedures, tools, and templates that can be adapted to suit the needs of a wide range of local government authorities in rural, regional, and metropolitan NSW.

The toolkit has been purposely designed to deliver a practical step-by-step guide for councils to embed effective and sustainable asbestos management practices within their local government authority. It provides a five step process for organisations to follow and each step is supported by operational procedures and a suite of templates that can be downloaded and used.

“Blue Mountains City Council is committed to demonstrating strong leadership in this area by recognising the seriousness of asbestos management and investing in a safe and sustainable future for staff, the wider community and the environment,” Dr Dillon said.

The Asbestos Management Toolkit can be viewed on Council’s website.

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