Monday, June 17, 2024

Bayside park wins accessibility recognition

Thomas Street Reserve in Hampton now has one of Victoria’s 26 top all-accessible walking tracks, as audited by people with disability for people with disability.

Led by Victoria Walks and Scope Australia, the Walking and Rolling Together: Accessible walking paths for people with disability project aims to provide people living with a mobility disability greater access to walking in Victoria’s natural environments.

The 26 all-accessible paths feature in digital walking maps providing information such as drinking fountains, slopes and toilets.

Bayside City Council transformed Thomas Street playground into an all ability playspace in 2021, creating an environment that was accessible for all Bayside residents.

In addition to the walking path, the park includes an accessible playground with wheelchair trampolines, flying foxes, slides, a range of swings, a parkour course and a water play area.

A senior exercise area features a range of outdoor equipment for gentle exercise, designed for older people to help improve balance, strength, functional movement, joint range of motion and mobility.

The walking path features on a digital walking map as part of a project giving people with disability greater access to nature walks.


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