Friday, February 23, 2024

Bayside Mayor calls on Minister to expedite toll road review

Bayside Mayor, Dr Christina Curry, has called on the NSW Minister for Transport to deliver the Network Performance Review of the M5 and M8 Toll Roads before he leaves the job in March.

Following the introduction of the M8 and M5 tolls in 2020, Transport for NSW committed to undertaking a network performance review, which would include a consultation process with impacted councils, the Mayor said in a statement.

She is asking Transport for NSW to release their findings and recommendations in the hope it will include steps to reduce the impact on her residents.

In January it was reported that the Premier had indicated a review of the State’s Toll Road and pricing would not be completed until after the election.

“Bayside residents living in Bexley have been extremely tolerant, but enough is enough. The impact is growing every day,” said Mayor Curry.

Bayside Mayor, Christina Curry.

“Today, Stoney Creek Road and Forest Road have effectively become the M5 as motorists and trucks avoid paying the toll.”

In October last year, the State Government responded to each of the recommendations made by Road Tolling Regimes Enquiry 2022, including that: The NSW Government immediately release the traffic network performance review plan for the M8 and M5 toll roads, given its release was promised over a year ago.

The Government responded that a review was underway, but Council has heard nothing since the middle of last year, said Mayor Curry.

“In April 2022 Council was briefed on some early data from Transport for NSW, and given five days to respond.”

“Whilst we provided some feedback it was certainly not sufficient time for us to consult with those most effected and provide an informed and detailed submission. We are just asking to be treated fairly.  And we are demanding to be consulted and heard,” she said.

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