Friday, April 26, 2024

Barunga West Council receives $600k in roads funding

Barunga West Council is set to receive around $600,000 in State Government funding to undertake road safety improvements on the Upper Yorke Road between Bute and Port Broughton.

Barunga West Mayor, Leonie Kerley and Council CEO, Maree Wauchope, welcomed the State Government’s confirmation of a significant safety upgrade to the critical stretch of road, which came in response to Councillors’ concerted advocacy efforts.

“Following extensive discussions, presentations to Community Cabinet, and direct correspondence with the Premier before Christmas, the Minister for Regional Roads Geoff Brock has advised three locations along Upper Yorke Road have been identified to receive targeted heavy patching works,” the Council said in a statement.

The sections are located 15km, 23km, and 28km south of Port Broughton, with the works scheduled for completion by the end of March.

“These upgrades to sections of Upper Yorke Road will go a long way to helping reduce the South Australian road toll,” said SA Minister for Regional Roads, Geoff Brock.

Mayor Kerley said the upgrades were a testament to the Council’s unwavering commitment to road safety and infrastructure improvement within the region.

“This upgrade is a critical step forward in our ongoing mission to ensure the safety of our roads and the people who travel on them,” she said.

“The Bute to Port Broughton section of the Upper Yorke Road serves as a vital artery connecting Adelaide to the Top of the Yorke Peninsula and the mid-north region. It plays a pivotal role as an essential route for the community’s daily activities and promotes tourism, a sector that is of growing importance to our local economy.

“For the residents of Barunga West, the state of our roads is of paramount concern. Roads are not merely conduits for transportation; they serve as pathways to employment, education, healthcare, and essential services. They are integral to ensuring public safety, enhancing the tourism experience, and fostering economic growth.”

RAA Senior Manager for Safety & Infrastructure, Charles Mountain said greater infrastructure investment across the state’s road network was overdue.

“Road and infrastructure upgrades make our roads safer and can help save lives and prevent injuries – which is more important than ever,” he said.

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